Lee Wade Turner

lee wade turner

Lee Wade Turner, 39 years old and known for his extreme muscle endurance sets including the legendary 45 rep “Ultimate Sets” and winner of the 2015 32kg weighted pull up competition “King Of The Bar” held at FIBO expo, Germany

Lee was one of four respected International Judges at the 2nd WSWCF World Championships in 2012 held in Riga, Latvia.

Ranjit Bhachu


Ranjit Bhachu, 23 years old is one of the most popular and well recognised bar athletes in the game. His no nonsense approach to Calisthenics and ‘no frills or gimmicks’ – hard hitting style have earned him the nickname of ‘The Underground King’

Ranjit regularly competes for the UK in Street Workout competitions around the world, including a 4th place position in the WSWCF Super Cup in 2013 held in Moscow, Russia.

Sai Ngo


Sai Ngo, 29 years old and ‘Official Guinness World Record Holder’ for most parallel bar dips in 1 minute with 100lb backpack! Sai is known for his freakish strength to weight ratio including a 40kg muscle up and 120kg weighted dip (working out at an additional 160% extra to his bodyweight!)

Sai also represented in the 5 man US/UK team competition ‘Street Workout Nation’s Cup’ held in Moscow, Russia, 2012.

Muscle Ups

Front Lever

Back Lever

Human Flag

By training with us, you learn from the best. Unlike others, we practice what we preach on a daily basis and are constantly aiming to improve not just our standards but that of the callisthenic street workout community in general.

Nothing beats having full control over your bodyweight, its the epiphany of true strength. By learning the correct techniques and knowing how to perform them with full form, you too can master your bodyweight.

Here at RPB, we know how difficult it is to get to this stage in your training. After seeing so many people struggle to get to grips with callisthenics under the wrong guidance, we decided to join forces and give back to the community by offering weekly classes and workshops.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that mastering callisthenics is going to be easy, its a tough road to walk down, but with the right structure and guidance you can achieve anything.


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